Episode 17 - The Tenth Planet

Episode 17 - The Tenth Planet


Dave Kitchen from The Doctor Who Show blinked again. Lights were moving towards him through the murk of the blizzard. Even as he looked, the lights changed into figures clad in silver-armoured suits, advancing across the ice with a slow deliberate step. Horror-struck, Dave reached for his microphone. BUT THEY CONTINUED MARCHING...

Dan and Steven have arrived in Sydney. The discussion of a story of firsts by this invincible, fearless podcast has begun-and the last thrilling adventure of the first DOCTOR WHO.

New to Who begins a trilogy of regeneration stories with this, the final story of the first Doctor - the original, you might say - the late, great William Hartnell. And who better to join us in discussing this wonderful pioneer than perhaps his biggest fan, Dave Kitchen from The Doctor Who Show?

Although being the last story for the First Doctor, THE TENTH PLANET is also a story of many firsts; the first regeneration story, the first Cybermen story, and the first story of a narrative format that would come to define the show: The Base Under Siege.

The cover of the original imprint of the 1976 Target novelisation for THE TENTH PLANET is used with the kind permission of Chris Achilleos. The novelisation is written by Gerry Davis. The audiobook is read by Anneke Wills.

Intro theme by Our Colin (2017). Much love and thanks, Col ❤︎

Special thanks to Sarah Tout at Voice Box Media Training.



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Episode 0 - An Unearthly Child

Episode 0 - An Unearthly Child

"Hello, Sweet Dorks!"

Daniel, Colin and Steven nervously introduce themselves and their hare-brained idea for an intro cast to classic Doctor Who, designed for 'New Who' fans. But now that all the preparations made over pub lunches are over and they have finally hit record, can they deliver?

What better way to start this great spirit of adventure than at the very beginning with a mild curiosity in a junkyard. The first-ever episode of Doctor Who, AN UNEARTHLY CHILD... but episode one only!

Special thanks go to Mr Alister Pearson for the permission to use his cover painting commissioned for the 1990 BBC Video release and used for the reprint of the Doctor Who Target novelisation, AN UNEARTHLY CHILD by Terrance Dicks. Thank you, Alister!

Thanks also to both Brendan Jones (of Flight Through Entirety) and Clayton Hickman.  Your generosity and willingness to help New To Who has been so very much appreciated.

© all original music copyright New To Who 2016

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