Episode 16 - Genesis of the Daleks

Episode 16 - Genesis of the Daleks


The Place: Scotland

Time: The day Verity!’s Liz Miles joined New To Who

After over fifty years of futile discussion between fans, Steven thinks this is the perfected form that carries Doctor Who into eternity - the dreaded GENESIS OF THE DALEKS. Without feeling, conscience or pity, Steven is joined as ever by Dan and this time by the wonderful Liz Myles to travel back through time in an effort to totally deconstruct this terrible menace of the future.

From Tom Baker’s first season as the Doctor, GENESIS OF THE DALEKS is rightly lauded as one of the very best Doctor Who stories ever made.

Combining the great powers of script editor Robert Holmes, producer Philip Hinchcliffe, director David Maloney, and a script by inventor of the Daleks, Davros - err, Terry Nation, we also have one of the great TARDIS teams of all time in the form of travelling companions Sarah-Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan, played resplendently by the late and wonderful Elizabeth Sladen and Ian Marter.

Fusing the still-heard echoes of World War II with aspects of moral philosophy and growing fears about scientific discoveries about the human genome, Genesis is a story of its time that remains as relevant today as it ever was.

The cover of the original imprint of the 1976 Target novelisation for GENESIS OF THE DALEKS is used with the kind permission of Chris Achilleos. The novelisation is written by Sir Terrance Dicks. The audiobook is read by Tom Baker.

Intro theme by Our Colin (2017). Much love and thanks, Col ❤︎

Special thanks to Sarah Tout at Voice Box Media Training.



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Episode 9 - The Seeds of Doom

Episode 9 - The Seeds of Doom


In the desert wastes of sun-burnt Australia, a strange pod is unearthed, buried deep in the sands. Curiosity turns to alarm as the pod begins to grow - then horror when suddenly it cracks open and Dan and Steven shoot out, mercilessly seeking the nearest live victim...

In London, PAUL CORNELL is bewildered. Called in to fight this unknown horror, will he be in time to save Earth from the rapidly spreading tentacles of the KRYNOID, a giant man-eating monster from an alien world?

The last story of the acclaimed Season 13 of Doctor Who, THE SEEDS OF DOOM is a Gothic horror-inspired epic from the pen of the creator of the Zygons, the late Robert Stewart Banks. We again return to the Philip Hinchliffe and Robert Holmes era, and our director is the great Douglas Camfield. In short, it's an all-time classic Classic Who story!

Our thanks again to Chris Achilleos for his kind permission for the use of his original 1977 Target novelisation of THE SEEDS OF DOOM, written by Philip Hinchcliffe.

Intro theme by Our Colin (2017), and outro music by Bridget, as Pizza Pocket (2018). 

If you enjoyed Bridget's music and would like to hear more, please check out her band Simone & Girlfunkle.

Special thanks again to Sarah Tout at Voice Box Media Training.

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Episode 1 - Terror of the Zygons

Episode 1 - Terror of the Zygons

"Set your TARDIS co-ordinates for confusion!"

In the first of our adventures proper through Time and Space, arguably the definitive Doctor and companion team land in Scotland, 1975 to join forces with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and U.N.I.T to overcome the shapeshifting Zygons!  

A classic from the Hinchcliffe and Holmes 'gothic horror' period of Classic Who, it's TERROR OF THE ZYGONS.

With kind permission from and great thank to Mr Chris Achilleos for the use of his cover painting for the original imprint of the Doctor Who Target novelisation, THE LOCH NESS MONSTER by Terrance Dicks.

© all original music copyright New To Who 2016

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