New To Who: Interview with Andrew Cartmel

New To Who: Interview with Andrew Cartmel


We are privileged to bring you an extended interview with the Script Editor of Doctor Who during the entirety of the Sylvester McCoy era; Andrew Cartmel!

Join us as Andrew charts the behind-the-scenes story of a golden period for Doctor Who, starting as an aspiring writer working in a technology firm before getting a call from Producer John Nathan-Turner...

Along the way, we discuss such things as the team of writers who brought the Seventh Doctor and Ace to life, how the BBC hierarchy viewed the programme at the time - and the time when Alan Moore almost came to write for Doctor Who!

(PS Make sure to stay listening until the very end...)

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Episode 15 - Ghost Light

Episode 15 - Ghost Light


Perth, 2018

In the sleepy, rural parish of Perth, New To Who is by far the most imposing edifice. The villagers shun the grim pod, but the owners, the reclusive and controversial Dan and Steven, receive occasional visitors.

The Reverend Nathan Bottomley and James Sellwood (of the Flight Through Entirety podcast), have travelled from Sydney to refute Dan and Steven's blasphemous theories of Doctor Who.

The very last story filmed and the third to last story screened of Classic Doctor Who, GHOST LIGHT presents a dark, twisted version of Victoriana that - when scratched - reveals something nasty (and supremely intelligent) beneath.

Sylvester McCoy's performance as the Seventh Doctor matures into a more Machiavellian figure, seemingly manipulating not just events but also his companion, Ace, played by the wonderful Sophie Aldred.

Again drawing on a number of literary and cultural influences, lifelong fan Marc Platt turns in a stupendously funny, macabre, and smart script that the production team then realised into perhaps the greatest 'oddball' story of the entire era.

The cover of the original imprint of the 1990 Target novelisation for GHOST LIGHT is used with the kind permission of Alister Pearson. The novelisation is written by Marc Platt, based on his original 1989 script. The audiobook is read by Ian Hogg, who played the sinister Josiah Smith in the televised serial.

Intro theme by Our Colin (2017). Much love and thanks, Col ❤︎

Special thanks to Sarah Tout at Voice Box Media Training.


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