Episode 20 - Logopolis

Episode 20 - Logopolis


In theory Dan and Steven should be able to change †heir appearance to blend in unobtrusively wherever they happen to materialise. In practice, however, because of a fault in the chameleon circuit, they always look like a police box - a minor inconvenience the they now hope to correct.

Fixing the mechanism involves a visit to Perth and a trip to the planet Logopolis - normally a quiet little place that keeps itself to itself.

But on this occasion the meddling presence of Col ensures the disruption of normality. And even Col is horrified by the threat of total chaos he unintentionally precipitates - until he finds a way to turn the imminent destruction of the universe to his own advantage...

New to Who concludes its trilogy of regeneration stories with this, the final story of the Fourth Doctor as played by the inimitable Tom Baker. It is also the introductory story featuring the first Australian companion, Tegan Jovanka played by the lovely Janet Fielding, who joins existing companion Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) and Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) who rejoins the cast in what will become known as the ‘crowded TARDIS’ in the following season.

LOGOPOLIS was written by the Season 18 script editor, Christopher H Bidmead, and is beautifully directed by the late, great Peter Grimwade, his second story as director for the programme. Peter Grimwade would go on to write three Fifth Doctor stories.

The cover of the original imprint of the 1982 Target novelisation for LOGOPOLIS is by Andrew Skilleter. The novelisation is written by Christopher H Bidmead, who also reads the audiobook, which is available from Audible.

Intro theme by Our Colin (2019), and outro music by Bridget (2019).  Much love and thanks, Col and Bridget! ❤︎

If you enjoyed Bridget's music and would like to hear more, please check out her band Simone & Girlfunkle.

Special thanks to Sarah Tout at Voice Box Media Training.



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