Episode 22 - The TV Movie

Episode 22 - The TV Movie


“We’re back - and it’s about time!”

Late July, 2019: the brink of a new episode of New To Who. An anachronistic Australian podcast materialises in San Francisco (or is that Vancouver?) amid a hail of laughter which finds its intentional targets - three strange men who walk out of the pod.

But Col, Dan, and Steven are not the only podcasters in Vancouver. Doctor Who royalty, Jeremy Radick - who appears as Gareth in the 1996 TV Movie - is there as well, joining New To Who for a very special episode.

Seven years after disappearing from television screens everywhere, Doctor Who came back - but for one night only.

The script for The TV Movie (also unofficially known as “The Enemy Within”) was written by Matthew Jacobs - whose father appeared in the William Hartnell story, The Gunfighters - while Philip Segal was finally able to bring his vision for Doctor Who to a US mainstream audience for the first time in his role as Executive Producer of this American co-production with Fox. Geoffrey Sax, another Englishman in Hollywood, directs this big budget movie intended as a pilot for a Doctor Who series on network television.

Taking the mantle of the Doctor, this time in his eighth incarnation, was the dreamy Paul McGann. Daphne Ashbrook played his companion-in-waiting, Dr Grace Holloway, alongside Jee Yee Tso as Chang Lee, who falls under the spell of the Master - this time played fabulously by Eric Roberts.

You can listen to and see the film clip for The Safety Dance by Canadian new wave outfit Men Without Hats here.

Theme by Our Colin (2019).  Much love and thanks, Col! ❤︎

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