Episode 6 - Tomb of the Cybermen

Episode 6 - Tomb of the Cybermen

"I love testicle head!"

Materialising on a sand pit alien planet - this time in black and white - our heroic trio, Daniel, Col, and Steven, discover the ice tombs of Telos, now home to the hibernated Cybermen led by the terrifying Cyber Controller!

Perhaps the apotheosis of Doctor Who's "Base Under Siege" genre that was a staple of 1967's Season Five (aka the "Monster Season"), TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN - written by the creators of the Cybermen, Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis - is laden with atmosphere and an all-pervading sense of an impending menace. Not without its narrative and representation problems, it nonetheless remains a classic example of a story-telling blueprint from Doctor Who history that is still used to this day. 

Special thanks again to Alister Pearson for his kind permission for the use of his redone cover of Jeff Cummins' original for the Target novelisation of Tomb of the Cybermen, written by Gerry Davis.

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