Episode 3 - Earthshock

Episode 3 - Earthshock

"She's like a dinner lady in space"

The Beryl Reid Appreciation Society (i.e., Colin, Daniel, and Steven) return for EARTHSHOCK, in which the new and young Fifth Doctor faces one of his deadliest and long-lost enemies. Who survives? Who doesn't? And what terrifying direction does the show's new Script Editor have in store for our favourite celery-and-cricket-uniform-wearing hero? 

Written by ERIC SAWARD, this story is a highlight of Season 19, and is the first of its kind of grittier and grimmer narratives more in tune with the troubled and troubling 1980s. 

The cover painting for the 1992 reprint of the Doctor Who Target novelisation, EARTHSHOCK by Ian Marter, is by Alister Pearson.

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