Episode 7 - Day of the Daleks

Episode 7 - Day of the Daleks

"Two words, gentlemen: Hubba hubba"

Col, Daniel, and Steven are joined by Pete, a mysterious human from the 21st-century, to 'time-jump' back into the 20th century so as to discuss a high-ranking Classic Doctor Who episode; DAY OF THE DALEKS!

Another instance of Doctor Who being ahead of its time, this time-y wime-y plot by Louis Marks has since been cribbed by the likes of The Terminator and is inspired itself by the work of no less a sci-fi great than Ray Bradbury

Featuring the return of the Daleks for the first time in five years and the first time in colour, sweet dorks are encouraged to seek out the 2011 special edition of DAY OF THE DALEKS to appreciate the intent if not the budget of the original production (though the original remains a great deal of fun!).

Our thanks again go to Chris Achilleos for his kind permission for the use of his cover for the Target novelisation of DAY OF THE DALEKS, written by Terrance Dicks.

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