Episode 8 - The Curse of Fenric

Episode 8 - The Curse of Fenric

"It's a bit Michael Jackson 'Thriller'"

After seventeen centuries trapped in the shadow dimensions, Steven and Daniel are reunited with Bridget, only to discover that they are all themselves descendants of the original Vikings who carry THE CURSE OF FENRIC!

The last story of the original series of Doctor Who save one, this post-modern masterpiece is written by the creator of Ace, Ian Briggs, and showcases the best qualities of the show under the script editorship of Andrew Cartmel.

Displaying an at-times dizzying bricolage of influences, references, and philosophies, this is where Doctor Who can be seen to graduate with first-class honours in every relevant field.  It's such a shame that Season 26 was the last regular series of the programme until 2005, as it hints at a more mature direction very much in tune with the televisual landscape of the coming decade and beyond.

Our thanks again go to Alister Pearson for his kind permission for the use of his revised cover for the 2015 audiobook of the original 1990 Target novelisation of THE CURSE OF FENRIC, written by Ian Briggs (and highly recommended by Our Steven).

Intro theme by Our Colin (2017), and outro music "Wolves of Fenric" by Bridget, as Pizza Pocket (2017). 

If you enjoyed Bridget's music and would like to hear more, please check out her band Simone & Girlfunkle.

Special thanks again to Sarah Tout at Voice Box Media Training.

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