Episode 5 - City of Death

With kind permission from and great thanks to Andy Walker.

"Who ordered the soup?"

Bridget joins Daniel, Colin, and Steven as they run through the streets and galleries of Paris in 1979, actually (more of a table wine, shall we say?) for CITY OF DEATH! Doctor Who's largest ever watching audience of 16 million people tuned in to watch this at the time, and none of them were wrong to do so. 

Written by DOUGLAS ADAMS, at a time just before he became famous for his HITCHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY series, this story is widely seen as one the greatest Classic Who stories of all time, consistently rating in the Top 10.  Filled with moments of comedic genius, a frisson of fun, and a lot of love in a blend of crime caper and sci-fi genres, this is also the story that saw TOM BAKER and LALLA WARD fall in love and eventually get married (but, sadly, not for long). Cité de l'amour/la mort, indeed!

Special thanks to ANDY WALKER for his kind permission for the use of his painting for CITY OF DEATH, the Doctor Who Target novelisation that never was, and that was eventually novelised by JEREMY GOSS.

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