Episode 9 - The Seeds of Doom

With the kind permission of and great thanks to Chris Achilleos.


In the desert wastes of sun-burnt Australia, a strange pod is unearthed, buried deep in the sands. Curiosity turns to alarm as the pod begins to grow - then horror when suddenly it cracks open and Dan and Steven shoot out, mercilessly seeking the nearest live victim...

In London, PAUL CORNELL is bewildered. Called in to fight this unknown horror, will he be in time to save Earth from the rapidly spreading tentacles of the KRYNOID, a giant man-eating monster from an alien world?

The last story of the acclaimed Season 13 of Doctor Who, THE SEEDS OF DOOM is a Gothic horror-inspired epic from the pen of the creator of the Zygons, the late Robert Stewart Banks. We again return to the Philip Hinchliffe and Robert Holmes era, and our director is the great Douglas Camfield. In short, it's an all-time classic Classic Who story!

Our thanks again to Chris Achilleos for his kind permission for the use of his original 1977 Target novelisation of THE SEEDS OF DOOM, written by Philip Hinchcliffe.

Intro theme by Our Colin (2017), and outro music by Bridget, as Pizza Pocket (2018). 

If you enjoyed Bridget's music and would like to hear more, please check out her band Simone & Girlfunkle.

Special thanks again to Sarah Tout at Voice Box Media Training.